Last Updated: January 31, 2019

Host Terms of Service

1. Service and processing fees

2nd Address may charge fees to Hosts for the use of the 2nd Address platform. As a Host with 2nd Address, you get to decide how much you are paid by setting your Monthly Base Rent and nightly price increase for Weekly Stays.

Our Service Fees are split between the Host and the Guest. Depending on the market, the Host Service Fee ranges between 3% and 15% of your Base Rent or Base Nightly amount (excluding any one time monthly fees such as cleaning fee or utilities fee). The Host Service Fee is automatically deducted from each payment. There is also a one time Booking Processing Fee of $20 (for a Weekly Stay booking) or $50 (for a Monthly Stay booking). Both of these service fees help 2nd Address to cover Guest Screening and marketing costs and to keep our Guest Service Fee reasonable and pricing competitive!

The following example illustrates the application of our Host fees: A property with a Base Monthly Rent amount of $5000, a Lease Processing fee of $50, and a Host Service fee of 4%, the first rent payment would be $5000 (Base Rate) - $200 (Host Service Fee) - $50 (Lease Processing Fee) for a total payout of $4750. Each subsequent rent payment after the first would be $5000 (Base Rate) - $200 (Host Service fee) for a total payout of $4800.

Depending on the market, our Guest Service Fee ranges between 4% and 11% and it is added to the base price of the listing.

These fees vary by market and the specific amount for each property can be found on your Property Edit page, by going to your Host Dashboard and selecting the Property Edit button to the right, and checking the Property Key Facts section of the page. It will also be listed on your 'Invoices' tab in the Host Dashboard, on the Lease itself and is clearly displayed on any lease payout quote that you may see and both are automatically deducted from your rent payment.

2nd Address reserves the right to modify Service and Processing fees at any time. Service and Processing fees are non-refundable.

2. Cancellations & fees

Monthly Leasing (Over 29 nights)

Cancellations are typically not allowed once the lease is fully executed by both the Guest and Host. However, it is at the Host's discretion if they would allow a cancellation with no penalty or a cancellation with some penalty. If the Guest does request to cancel and 2nd Address or the Host is able to re-lease the property for the period of the lease, the Guest is owed a full refund. The Host and 2nd Address are required to make a good faith effort to re-lease the property, up to and including showings and marketing of the property.

Weekly Stays (5-28 nights)

Weekly-stay bookings can be cancelled up to 7 days prior to move in for a 50% refund to the Guest. If a Guest cancels after that, the full amount is non-refundable.

3. Listing your properties

Listing accuracy

  • When creating a listing on 2nd Address, you must provide accurate and complete information about the property.
  • The property must be described in its current state. Any deficiencies in functionality of appliances, amenities, or other aspects of the property must be disclosed.
  • You are responsible for keeping your 2nd Address listing up-to-date. Your listing price and calendar availability must be up-to-date. 2nd Address will send bookings without first confirming.

Photo, video, and 360 walkthrough accuracy

  • Photography, videos, and 360 walkthroughs must accurately depict the quality and condition of your property in its current state
  • 2nd Address may require a minimum number of images, minimum image and video resolution, and specific formats for media.

Furnishing standards

  • Your listing must be fully furnished to our furnishing standards. Misrepresentation of the presence or condition of furnishings may result in permanent removal from 2nd Address.
  • Properly clean properties prior to tenant move-in.
4. Host standards
  • Keep your listing price and calendar availability up-to-date
  • Accept and confirm 2nd Address leases within 24 hours. If there is an unavoidable conflict, contact 2nd Address immediately.
  • Provide a minimum of 24 hours written notice to the Guest before entering the property
  • Hosts of Business-Stay-Approved Properties Additionally Agree To:
    • Maintain 6 hour average response rate to all Guest inquiries
    • Furnish all properties within 2nd Address' Business Stay Approved minimum furnishing, amenity, and quality requirements
    • Comply with all of 2nd Address' Host Standards (detailed above) and our strict Nondiscrimination Policy.
    • Maintain at least a 4 star customer review rating on all Business Stay Approved listings
    • Maintain a professional level of service to the Guests staying at Business Stay Approved properties. 2nd Address reserves the right to disqualify a Host from the Business Stay Approved program due to poor service.
    • Provide 24/7 Maintenance/Emergency contact information and respond to maintenance requests within 24 hours or less for more urgent matters
5. Local laws and eligibility

Property Type

2nd Address rents private spaces only. If a Host is marketing a property that has an in-law unit, garage or other space onsite that has another Guest or owner living in it, this must be disclosed in the listing.

Ownership or Right to Rent

Hosts should have the rights to rent out all properties on 2nd Address and/or are the rightful owner or property manager of the properties. 2nd Address may, at our discretion, request documentation validating our Hosts right to rent their property - such as a Property Title in their or their company's name or Property Owner Consent Form.

Monthly Leasing

2nd Address is a licensed brokerage in all states of operation and thus requires a lease agreement for stays not deemed as short term by the local ordinance. We require that our Hosts be legally allowed to rent their property for 27 nights* or longer based on local requirements and it is our Hosts' responsibility to be informed of, and adhere to, those requirements.

(*) Cities in California require that a lease be signed for stays of 30 nights or more. 29 nights in NYC, 31 nights in the City of Chicago, 27 nights in Boston and so on. 2nd Address adheres to these local ordinances.

Extended Stays (5-28 nights)

If you have opted to accept bookings for Extended Stays (short term rentals over 5 nights), we require that you (the Host) be legally allowed by the corresponding listing city to rent your property for less than 30 nights (without a lease agreement). It is your (the Host) responsibility to be informed of, and adhere to, the local requirements. If you have elected to collect Occupancy Tax on your Extended-stay booking, it is your (the Host) responsibility to remit these taxes to local authorities.

6. Payment

2nd Address requires Hosts to provide banking information before receiving bookings so that we can pay Hosts quickly and securely. We also require information for direct deposit ACH transfers. 2nd Address does not support any other payment methods at this time.

7. Nondiscrimination policy

Read 2nd Address’ Nondiscrimination Policy.

8. Messaging standards

By using the 2nd Address messaging platform, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions listed below. Failure to comply with any of the below terms and conditions may negate your eligibility for the 2nd Address rent payment and property damage guarantees, as well as result in your permanent removal from the 2nd Address marketplace.

General Policy

2nd Address provides an online platform that connects Hosts who have furnished accommodations to list and lease with Guests seeking such accommodations, which can be used to answer questions prior to lease execution. If you are using 2nd Address, and specifically, the messaging platform, you agree to (1) respond promptly within 24 hours and keep all conversations between you and Guests on the 2nd Address messaging platform, (2) never provide or request direct contact information such as phone number or email address, (3) never provide a link to a website other than 2nd Address', (4) honor all agreements made between yourself and Guest within the messaging platform, and (5) follow the 2nd Address process for activities that take place after a conversation has resulted in a booking request.

Hosts should also comply with 2nd Address’ Nondiscrimination Policy during their Messaging conversations with prospective Guests.

9. Price parity and Best Price Guarantee

2nd Address commits to offering the best price for premium accommodations in the market. Our Best Price Guarantee states that if any of our Guests find your listing at a lower price on another website –either your own site or any other channel online–, within 24 hours of booking with 2nd Address, we’ll match the lower price. The observed lower price must include all fees and/or applicable taxes.

In order to support this value proposition to the full extent, our host partners agree and commit to provide the lowest base rent and/or fees for their listings to 2nd Address at all times. Base rent and/or fees for any of their listings at 2nd Address will never be higher than those offered in their owned and operated site or any other online channel for the corresponding listings.

In the event that rents and/or fees for any of their listings may have been observed in their owned/operated site or any other online channel lower than at 2nd Address, or if any prospective Guest booking at 2nd Address enacts the Best Price Guarantee after observing a lower price for the same listing elsewhere, the corresponding host partner will act diligently to correct the corresponding amounts, and honor the lower rent and/or fees for the prospective Guest at 2nd Address.

See the description of the Best Price Guarantee offered to your 2nd Address Guests.

10. Instant Booking

Hosts are encouraged to register their properties in our Instant Booking feature to offer a superior booking experience to their guests at 2nd Address. By registering a property unit for our “Instant Booking” feature ("Registered Property(ies)"), you agree to the terms below. These terms are in addition to the terms set forth in our Terms of Service.

With respect to all guest bookings of your Registered Property(ies) via the 2nd Address platform, you hereby authorize 2nd Address, Inc. (“2nd Address”) to automatically execute all applicable guest leases on your behalf. Execution will be subject to 2nd Address’ qualification of the bookings pursuant to its standard practices and procedures. Bookings will be consummated based on the property availability and pricing information you provide to 2nd Address. 2nd Address is not responsible or liable with respect to any issues caused by inaccuracies in the information you provide. All leases executed via “Instant Booking” will be fully binding on you. You will not take any action or omission that may interfere with executed leases (such as making the applicable property unavailable during the lease period).

The foregoing authorization can only be withdrawn by emailing a written notice between 10am and 3pm PST (excluding holidays) to with the subject line: "Instant Booking withdrawal request". The body of the email must specify the address and unit number of every property to be withdrawn. 2nd Address will execute the withdrawal request within the following 2 hours and email back a receipt confirming the completion of the withdrawal. Any leases executed via “Instant Booking” before the completion of this withdrawal will be fully binding on you.