A Spectacular View Adds 20% to the Price of a Vacation Rental

golden gate bridge vacation home

One of the most desired amenities of hotels is the gorgeous views outside the window. The appeal is probably best exemplified by New York’s Central Park, which is almost a status symbol. The emerging vacation rental market offers more affordable options for travel. But when it comes to a view, there’s still a hefty price difference. 

How much? An average of 20% price premium for the seven most iconic views in the U.S., such as Central Park and the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

That’s according to a recent study by 2nd Address, an online marketplace of furnished rentals. Researchers studied thousands of vacation rentals across the country with the best views.

Which view is the most sought-after by travelers? You guessed it!

1. Central Park, New York City: $242/Night

When it comes to famous city skylines around the world, NYC has one iconic view that is hard to beat. The vistas that overlook the cities famous central park are absolutely breathtaking any time of year. Vacation homes with a Central Park view cost an average of $242 a night.

The contrast of a perfectly carved rectangle in the middle of the towering metropolis of NYC is like nothing else on earth. The views give you the unique juxtaposition of looking down on a lush wilderness surrounded by man-made cliffs of glass and concrete.

The posh neighborhoods surrounding the park are also worthy of the price the views command. Iconic upscale landmarks include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The American Museum of Natural History, The Loeb Boathouse, and many more.

2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco: $225/Night

As far as icons are concerned, the Golden Gate Bridge is a world-famous symbol of California. This picturesque structure arching across the rugged coastline and spanning the entrance to the mighty San Francisco Bay is an engineering marvel. Vacation homes with a Golden Gate Bridge view cost an average of $242 a night.

The Golden State’s almost perfect weather is sure to put on a show for those fortunate enough to afford a view of the bridge. Even when San Francisco’s infamous fog comes rolling into the bay, the bridge can be seen standing tall as the fog creeps over and around it like water flowing in slow motion. 

The most beautiful views are provided while staying in the SF Marina district near the open beach and grassy lawns of Crissy Field. This district offers high-quality restaurants for every taste, health spas, museums, and some of the best window shopping in the city.

3. Boston Harbor, Boston: $210/Night

Boston Harbor reverberates connections to our past with every view. From afar, Boston’s glistening modern skyscrapers tower over the pristine blue harbor, but take a closer look and you will begin to see the details hinting at its rich past. Sailboats dot the harbor, which is surrounded by dozens of beautifully maintained green lawns and marinas. Vacation homes with the Boston Harbor view cost an average of $210 a night.

One popular area is Piers Park, where you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of the harbor and skyline. From almost any point surrounding the harbor, you can access the Boston Harborwalk, an almost continuous park and boardwalk connecting 43 miles of Boston’s shoreline. Scattered along its shores are dozens of parks and museums along with several beaches, providing homes in these high-rises with endless opportunities for serene views. 

4. U.S. Capitol, Washington DC: $198/Night

Nothing screams iconic more than the grand, patriotic, and emotionally charged monuments of our nation’s capital. The perfectly manicured parks, promenades, and waterscapes that offset the powerful stark white neoclassical structures that make up Washington D.C. is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. Vacation homes with the U.S. Capitol view cost an average of $198 a night.

With all the time, effort, and planning that has gone into the U.S. Capitol it should come as no surprise that the views are not only pleasing to the eyes, but charged with symbolism that stirs your pride.

Just across the Potomac River is where the best views are to be found. The river only enhances the beauty of the vistas and some of the taller buildings in the neighborhood hide observation decks, restaurants, and rooftop bars with 360-degree views of the capital.

5. Space Needle, Seattle: $162/Night

Seattle has an underrated city skyline marked by the unique and futuristic silhouette of the Space Needle. In general, the Pacific Northwest is a crisp clean and rugged paradise. Seattle fits right into its surroundings, quickly blending back into the oceans, lakes, and evergreen forests that surround it all under the shadow of Mount Rainier.

Vacation homes with a Space Needle view cost an average of $162 a night.

Seattle is also home to some of the world’s best seafood, supplying the cities restaurants with the freshest and highest quality cuisine in the world. While taking in the gorgeous views on a sunny day, sailboats and seaplanes add to the feel of Seattle’s love of the outdoors, all while playing in the shadow of the Space Needle.

6. Hollywood, Los Angeles: $150/Night

Los Angeles is famous for its urban sprawl; so, many people are surprised to discover that quiet, open spaces are hiding just above the city in the Hollywood Hills. It’s a wealthy neighborhood that many Californians call home; backing up to a national forest, the hills boasts some of the best views LA has to offer.

Since Hollywood is on a hill above downtown, it naturally has the perfect vantage point to take in the impressive sprawl of the Los Angeles skyline, as well as consistent, breathtaking sunsets. Vacation homes with a Hollywood view cost an average of $150 a night.

Like the Hollywood of old, it is still very much about glitz and glamor (think Rodeo Drive). With all this wealth concentrated in one neighborhood, it goes without saying that you are never more than a stone throw away from world-famous dining and entertainment.

7. Lake Michigan, Chicago: $144/Night

Chicago enjoys a dramatic and beautiful skyline thanks to the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Lake Shore Drive winds along the city’s outer edge cutting a clean line between the imposing skyscrapers and the beautiful parks, beaches, and marinas of the lake. Many of Chicago’s most famous landmarks and attractions are also found right along the water’s edge, making the neighborhoods along Lake Shore Drive very desirable. 

Vacation homes with a Lake Michigan view cost an average of $144 a night.

Chicago is so densely packed against the coast that in places, the buildings resemble man-made cliffs against the shoreline (similar to the effect in New York’s Central Park). The area along the lakefront has some of the country’s most celebrated cultural establishments, including the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum.