Stay In Control with the New 2nd Address Calendar


We’re delighted to share that the 2nd Address Host calendar recently got a refresh! This month we rolled out brand new features, offering increased control and a simpler, quicker way to manage your availability.

One of the most essential aspects of being a successful Host is keeping an up-to-date calendar. As long as your listing is shown as available, it’s bookable by guests, so it’s vital that your calendar is accurate and current. With this fundamental concept in mind, we’ve revamped our Availability Manager so you can focus more on increasing revenue and less on time-consuming updates and frustrating double-bookings.

Check out some of the highlights:

Easy Navigation

Managing your listing should be intuitive and effortless. Get a full picture of your availability with our “master view,” which shows all existing blocks on your calendar. Blocked dates are color-coded, so you can easily distinguish between a 2nd Address lease, a booking imported from iCal, or a block you’ve manually added. 

Master View

Full Control

We believe you should always be able to choose when you want to make your listing available. With our new calendar features, you have complete flexibility over when you’re listing is open or closed for bookings—no restrictions or requirements!

Full Control 

iCal Integration

As always, you can easily update your calendar by importing iCal links from multiple sources, including other listing platforms. Additionally, you have the option to export your 2nd Address iCal link, which includes all bookings from our platform, as well as blocks imported from elsewhere.

iCal Integration 

Our team is always working hard to innovate and improve the rental experience for both Guests and Hosts, and our new calendar is just one way we’re taking another step forward. Visit your dashboard to see the new Availability Manager for yourself or add a new listing!

Don’t yet host with 2nd Address? Get started here or reach out to our Host Onboarding Team at to learn more.


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