Introducing the 2nd Address Contacts Manager


From maintenance requests to answering inquiries to managing billing and invoices, Hosts tackle many moving parts every day. If you’re fortunate enough to have a team assisting with your listing, it’s essential to make sure everyone’s well-informed about updates like booking applications, Guest inquiries, and more. So, we’re excited to roll out a brand new feature that makes managing your listing even easier.

The 2nd Address Contacts Manager now allows Hosts to attach additional contacts to their listings, so you can make sure the right people are in the loop on the most important details. Our Contacts Manager is made up of two sections—Roles and Notifications—so you can choose who our team will reach out to for various issues, as well as the types of alerts sent to each of your contacts.



We’ve created a handful of the most common roles for your property management team, with the flexibility to add as many people to your listing as you need. Note that contacts added within the Contacts Manager will not have their own 2nd Address account—they’ll continue to use the Host’s main account login. Take a look at the available contact roles below: 

  • Primary Contact: This is your go-to contact and the principal person our Customer Care Team will reach out to with important matters. The Host will act as the Primary Contact by default, but this role can be assigned to another person if you’d like. 
  • Secondary Contact: This person is your back-up plan! If our Customer Care Team isn’t able to reach the Primary Contact on the account, we’ll touch base with the listing’s Secondary Contact. Note that the Secondary Contact must be a different person than the Primary Contact, and you may add as many Secondary Contacts as you’d like.
  • After Hours Contact: Do you have someone who covers nights and weekends? If a time-sensitive issue or emergency comes up outside of normal business hours, our Customer Care Team will reach out to your After Hours Contact.
  • Maintenance Contact: Your Maintenance Contact will be the point person for any property maintenance requests during a Guest’s stay, such as plumbing, heating, or hot tub issues.

*Note that Hosts may designate only one Primary, After Hours, and Maintenance Contact. The Host will default to all three roles unless otherwise specified.



Once you’ve added the important contacts for your listing, you can choose which notifications each person will receive via email. If you prefer, we’ll even send you text alerts for SMS capable notifications. No more forwarding emails or missing important messages! 

  • Weekly Summary: A weekly email synopsis of your listing’s status and availability.
  • Inquiries: Inquiries sent by interested Guests via the 2nd Address messaging system.
  • Booking Requests: Notifications when a Guest begins and completes an application for your listing.
  • Move-In/Out: Reminders when a Guest moves in or out of your property.
  • Billing: All emails related to billing and invoices for your listing.
  • Notify via SMS: Text message alerts for all emails to which you’re subscribed.

Ready to get organized? Visit your dashboard to see the new Contacts Manager for yourself and set up roles and notifications for your listing contacts.

Don’t yet host with 2nd Address? Get started here or reach out to our Host Onboarding Team at to learn more.



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  1. I am having a hard time logging in to update my calandar . can some please call me to guide my through?

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