The new easy way to sign leases at 2nd Address

We are thrilled to share with you a very important announcement: starting today both partner hosts and guests booking monthly stays at 2nd Address will enjoy a new, easy and fast leasing experience.

Since the ESIGN Act was enacted in 2000, we have grown accustomed to checking a box online to demonstrate our intention to be legally bound to rights and obligations when making purchases, closing transactions and enjoying financial services among the various ways we conduct business online.  Agreeing to lease should be no different.

How is the leasing experience changing at 2nd Address?

In the process of leasing your properties, 2nd Address has traditionally follow 3 steps once a booking request is received:  (1) 2nd Address screens and approves guests, (2) we request that our hosts accept the booking, and (3) we collect signatures from both parties via DocuSign.  The new leasing experience consolidates step 3 into the first two steps. Our guests first sign their lease at the time of booking.  Once 2nd Address has screened and approved guests, the host will receive a request to accept the booking and execute the lease in a single step.  

The 2nd Address Host Confirmation and Lease Execution webpage shown below will:

– display a summary of the booking,

– detail the host payout, and

– present a link to the lease and ask to execute the lease by accepting the booking.  

Once the guest booking is accepted by the host, 2nd Address will give both guests and hosts access to an executed lease and connect them via our Messaging platform to proceed to manage the move-in.

New Host Confirmation and Lease Execution webpage


The new 2nd Address experience speeds up the execution of leases, better accommodates short booking windows for our guests doing last minute accommodations and reduces the risk of cancellations.  We believe this all means a better experience for everyone.

We look forward to continuing serving you!