The Best Corporate Housing Websites in 2020


For the longest time, corporate housing has been an offline market where business travelers and booking agents communicated with property managers directly, turning to the Internet for the sole purpose of finding contact numbers.

This led to all kinds of issues for both business travelers and property managers. Over the last ten years, however, a number of websites have emerged to bring more transparency and more equitable incentives to the market.

For those who haven’t had the time to scour the net for corporate housing listings, we’ve written this blog post to walk you through the different options on the market. Along the way, we’ll show you what makes each stand out from all the rest.

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2nd Address

2nd Address Gold Logo

2nd Address is an online marketplace for corporate housing and furnished apartments. With the Silicon Valley gene—the company is based in San Francisco—the company recently raised $10 million to disrupt the corporate housing industry.

Unique Selling Point: A large selection of curated premium homes—each host is verified to meet rigorous hospitality standards. Automatic (and free!) insurance program that covers personal belongings, accidental property damage, and personal liability up to $365,000.

Dedicated account managers take cares any special booking request and provide around-the-clock support for corporate travelers.

Locations: Major cities across the U.S., including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, and Boston.

Real-time prices and availability? Yes, updated in real-time. You can check availability instantly, and message property hosts online if you have any question.

Instant booking? Yes, fast and secure online booking allows for next-day move-in.

Flexibility: Apartments are available for short-term, month-to-month, or long term.

Corporate Housing By Owner

chbo logo

Corporate Housing by Owner is one of the first websites established to cater to people looking for corporate housing units. It works similarly to the yellow page: You can contact the property owner by email to determine if your dates are available. Once you find a match, book the property directly with the owner.

Unique Selling Point: Practically-sized properties supplied by individual landlords.

Locations: Majority of listings located in California, Texas, and Florida.

Real-time prices and availability? Yes, updated in real-time.

Instant booking? No, you need to contact the property owner first.


Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 9.43.14 PM

Oakwood is an international corporate housing provider with footprints in major cities around the world.

Unique Selling Point: The site features fully furnished apartment buildings, including some luxury apartments, with amenities like kitchens and on-site fitness centers.

Locations: Major cities across the U.S. and the world.

Real-time prices and availability? Few properties have availability calendar. For most properties, you call or email Oakwood for availability before e-signing all the necessary documents.

Instant booking? Very few properties are available for online booking. logo is a well-established site which mainly provides listings by large corporate housing providers. Their prices reflect the size and formality of their offerings, and landlords with spare apartment units or guest houses will have to look elsewhere for a listing site.

Unique Selling Point: Focused on larger, more established housing providers.

Locations: Nationwide.

Real time prices and availability? No, available upon request.

Cost to Landlords: A subscription fee for listings hosted on the website.


craigslist logo

Believe it or not, Craigslist is still a place where you can find serviced apartments. It’s known for having a massive inventory of listings (with widely varying quality). While it may be a good resource for some, the site has developed a bit of a bad reputation for its lack of security and safety measures for landlords and tenants alike.=

Unique Selling Point: Cheap apartments, often with no questions asked.

Locations: Nationwide.

Real-time prices and availability? Maybe. Prices and availability are often listed, though the accuracy of the information provided is not guaranteed.

Cost to Landlords: None.


hotpads logo

Corporate housing is rarely the first thing to come to mind when people talk about Hotpads, but they are one of the few large rental platforms to have a dedicated section. Hotpads is a service that compiles multiple feeds of listings, similar to how Google displays content it finds elsewhere on the internet. This enables Hotpads to have many listings, but at the cost of 100% accuracy of the information displayed.

Unique Selling Point: Contains no listings of its own; instead, provides listings gathered from sites all across the internet.

Locations: Nationwide.

Real-time prices and availability? Generally provided upon request. Accuracy of information not guaranteed.

Cost to Landlords: None. logo has a section dedicated to executive rentals. Although the sublet brand is not known for business class rentals, they are one of the largest marketplaces for this product.

Unique Selling Point: Large marketplace for general housing, with a dedicated section for executive rentals.

Locations: Nationwide.

Real time prices and availability? No, available upon request.

Cost to Landlords: None, unless the landlord opts to use their premium services.


The corporate housing industry is evolving. With emerging technologies, shifting travel preferences, and changing corporate travel policies.

A study shows that 37 percent of business travelers were looking for increased autonomy on the trip, according to American Express Global Business Travel. If you’re looking to rent a corporate housing unit or providing them, we hope this list makes things easier for you.