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If you’re a professional on the go, then you know that the lifestyle can be very taxing. The stress of working far from home for days or weeks at a time leaves little room for comfort and familiarity. A typical consultant racks up a king’s ransom in flier miles, spends a small fortune in hotel booking fees, and accumulates a mean sleep debt over the course of their career.

It’s a tough world for a jet-setter, but creative solutions have been growing in popularity among the demographic. Top among them is medium-term corporate housing, or the decision to rent living spaces for months at a time. More professionals are coming to realize that by renting a unit in your most frequently visited city or cities, they can save a lot of time, pain, and cash.

Corporate housing is the middle ground between moving into your primary areas of business and living as a stranger in a strange land (see: The Difference Between Corporate Housing and AirBnB).

This article will tackle five ways to take advantage of the rising trend, and you how easy it is to enjoy a wide range of personal and professional benefits by doing so.

1. Embrace Familiarity

A career spent hopping from one hotel room to another might be a selling point for some people, but a good number of experienced professionals grow to prefer familiarity. Time spent away from life’s constants can get lonely, as many discover, and the glamor of living out of a suitcase loses its appeal over time.

Corporate housing solutions provide traveling professionals with the chance to enjoy a stable and recurring environment. Familiar spaces can be a source of comfort, and studies suggest that they can lead to better sleep down the line. We’re not saying it’s any substitute for a person’s own homestead, but it’s certainly got an edge over the hotel scene and can provide a boost in confidence when working in what would normally be a foreign locale.

2. Pick a Location Close to the Things You Love

All work and no play makes for a miserable career, to paraphrase the old adage, and one major downside to hotel life is how it restricts you to a very particular social scene. Between the hotel bar and nearby clubs, professionals looking for a night out are in for a specific kind of recreation that not everyone might find to their liking.

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Engaging in our passions is a major part of what makes us human. Heck, enjoying a good set of hobbies can make us better workers.

That’s why the wide range of options that come with choosing a corporate housing unit are perfect for business travelers looking to balance work with enjoyment. These options translate to an apartment that’s a stone’s throw away from the local theater district or jazz hotbed, instead of a hotel room that demands a grueling commute to access your preferred places and activities.

On a side note, while the right location makes it easier to visit places that align with your interests, a corporate housing unit makes relaxation easier from the comfort of your own temporary living space. Hotel rooms are good for a handful of days at best before they ask you to pack up and vacate; rental units allow for the storage of a greater number of belongings over a longer period of time. Put simply, you have the option to fill your base of operations in your most frequented city with posters, gaming systems, exercise equipment, and any number of hobby items.

3. Maximize Your Space

Cramped living spaces are a major driver of urban unhappiness. Now, if we’re being honest, there isn’t much difference between a modest hotel room (no matter how luxurious) and a tiny apartment in the middle of a vast and alienating sea of strangers.

Corporate housing units are a cost-effective offshoot of the growing market for extended nightly stays, which means most listed units boast significant square-footage. We’ve seen a staggering number of spacious, single-occupancy units offered for prices at or below the average cost of rent in their respective areas.

If you take the effort to find a unit that provides ample room while falling within your price range, you’ll find that the rewards to your health and happiness are well worth the trouble.

4. Make Some Friends

This bit of advice might go without saying, but if you’re spending a lot of time in a city, you might as well pick up a handful of friends along the way. Strong social connections keep our wits sharp and our people skills on point. Moreover, they’re just a great thing to have when you’re spending time alone, on the job.

Now we know it’s easier said than done, but having a unit in the area is a big deal in terms of confidence. You aren’t just the working stiff in town two or three days a week—you’re practically a local with a place of your own. Likewise, people would be more likely to invest in a genuine human connection when they feel like you can be a stable presence in the area.

5. Learn to Cook

The last tip on the list might surprise you, but taking advantage of the in-house kitchen that the vast majority of corporate housing units have to offer is a smart move. If you already know how to cook, then you know that there are precious few comforts in this world as effective as a home-cooked meal. If you don’t know how to cook, then this is a great excuse to learn a valuable life skill.

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Either way, corporate housing is an opportunity to get creative with the ways you make the most out of the professional lot you’ve been given. Cooking, tidying up, organizing your belongings, and even some mild redecorating can turn a remote assignment into a chance to build a temporary home away from home.


The life of a traveling professional can be taxing. But the traveling professional with an eye for opportunity and a mind for creativity can find themselves in an environment that promotes comfort and productivity.

Corporate housing turns assignments into experiences—just follow these tips and you’ll see what we mean.

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