2nd Address Launches A New & Innovative Booking Experience For All

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—The market for extended stays and corporate housing enjoyed a significant upgrade earlier this month, as tech firm 2nd Address released a major upgrade to their booking experience. The move marks another step towards the San Francisco company’s vision of a new type of premium hospitality and accommodation experience for business travelers.

“We noticed that the segment of extended stays for business travelers was the last corner of the market to receive a boost from the tech revolution of the last few years. It’s honestly surprising, given how many people are looking to travel for weeks or months at a time.” said 2nd Address CEO Chung-Man Tam.

“There’s little to no middle ground between a quick weekend booking and a long-term lease, which is a big disadvantage for people on medium-term business assignments, relocations, internships, vacations, and other visits that span weeks or months.”

The new update presents accompanying guests with simple and intuitive digital forms, making for an easier time providing visitor information.

2nd Address Updated UX.png
Input guest information seamlessly
2nd Address Updated UX
Delegate payment and booking arrangements to specific guests
Easily select from a variety of payment modes

The company identifies a greater ease of booking for both US and international business travelers as one of the key drivers behind the new booking experience. With it, travel managers can now delegate the completion of booking details to their business travelers. MBA interns sharing one of their premium listings can do so as well, in the event that they lack their companions’ full information at the time of booking. Domestic and international guests can now also enjoy the convenience of booking from their mobile phones, and use their international credit cards through a variety of convenient payment options.

The new booking experience caters to a broad range of customer needs, where either guests, corporations, or even trusted third parties outside of the guest list can pay for the booking.

The transactional ease that comes with the company’s new booking experience represents a step towards the company’s vision of a premium hospitality service for the business travel market.

“Our business is driven by the principles of professionalism, reliability, and convenience,” said Chung Man-Tam. “No other online booking service offers this level of ease and convenience when providing people with extended stays. In that light, I’m confident that both our new and seasoned business travelers will be happy with the upgrades we’ve made to our booking system here at 2nd Address.”

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