2nd Address Guest Assured – Convenience, Savings and Peace of Mind


In the late 90s, I used to travel weekly as a consultant around the US, Japan and Latin America to meet with my corporate research and development customers.  Packing, taxi cab riding, flying, car renting, staying at hotels… I was an active business traveler, a road warrior, going through the drill day in day out.

As I accumulated experience (and miles!), I learned to leverage both the convenience and the money-saving opportunities offered by the travel, hospitality and financial industries.  One of those opportunities showed up at the Car Rental counter. Driving in new places every other day did not come without risk. Having the right level of protection was important.  After paying additional money for the car-rental insurance for a while, I discovered I could both gain a similar CDW protection and save some money for my employer by simply paying with the right credit card. It was also super convenient as I did not need to think about it every time I was back at the Car Rental counter.

Today, my team and I enjoy building products that bring the same type of convenience, savings and peace of mind to our business travel customers when they book their extended stays at 2nd Address. While the corporate travel market has been wrestling with an apparent trade-off between the uniqueness, comfort and affordability of private, furnished housing on one side, and the duty of care standards and low risk associated with hotels and traditional corporate housing on the other, we have seen opportunities to innovate and remove trade-offs like these for our customers.

Today we are thrilled to announce the 2nd Address Guest Assured program!  When booking at 2nd Address, all our guests automatically gain the following protections:

  • Accidental property damage up to $15,000
  • Personal belongings coverage up to $50,000
  • Personal liability coverage up to $300,000

Additionally, 2nd Address Guest Assured guarantees that the property our guests book will be as described in the listing, or we’ll make it right.  

Your peace of mind is our priority.  The next time you are planning a business trip and booking an extended stay, do not compromise!  Book a unique and comfortable, private 2nd Address that gives you the convenience, savings and peace of mind that you and your employer expect.  

We look forward to hosting you!