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  7 Reviews

  • Caroline

“Margo was amazing. super quick to my questions ! Very close to beach , perfect for single person stay . Perfect place for cheap price . It can get loud on the street sometimes with homeless people / garbage truck - ear plugs ”

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  • Robert

“Our stay was great and Margo was extremely helpful and courteous and kind. She helped us out on a number of issues caused by family problems back home.”

  • Jim

“Margo's an incredibly responsive host -- best I've encountered.”

  • Jeff

“I stayed in the apartment for a month and everything was great. The location is a block from the beach/boardwalk and the Venice canals are right on the other side! The place is very close to Washington street which is great for food/convenience, especially if you do not have a car.”

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  • Mark

“I enjoyed my stay, everything is as it is pictured and described.”

  • Alice

“First things first, this listing was new and I felt like instead of making sure the place was suitable for someone to stay they just used us as guinea pigs to test it out which I don't appreciate. First things first, I asked the host if the noise levels were okay and not too loud and if parking was easy to find. She stated yes noise shouldn't be a concern and there's a ton of street parking. The noise level of this listing was ridiculous. The window that stands between you and the alleyway would not close all the way and was not insulated at all. So you could hear pretty much everything. The first week we were there it was trash day and I thought someone was trying to bust into our place, it was just people collecting our trash cans which sit right outside. And this was a long term listing so we had to deal with this noise every time trash was taken away. People would yell a lot during weekends but not even that you could always just hear everyones conservations on a daily basis. And then there's a lot of homeless people that dig through the trash as well. Parking was okay like half the time. But if you tried to find parking on a weekend or a popular time during the day you are out of luck. It would take me sometimes 20 min roaming around looking for parking. And one side is street sweep on Monday and the other is Tuesday so you always had to be super conscious of what side you were parking on. In regards to response time it was pretty sporadic sometimes you would get a response right away sometimes it would be very delayed. We asked for things and it would take a while to get them. We waited like a couple weeks + for a new heater cuz both ours broke, and it was freezing, but it took so long to get the heater they fixed the in unit one but by that time it wasnt even that cold! We also constantly had issues with the internet, the first month was a nightmare because the wifi would just completely go out. They got a (Hidden by Airbnb) wifi which was nice and worked well and then the last couple weeks of our stay they got rid of it and replace it with the old one for an unknown reason. The few good things I can say about this place was location and price. You are walking distance to the pier, right next to the Venice canals and literally 1 block away from the beach. You are also like a 15 min walk from Abbott Kinney. The price was pretty cheap compared to other places. Also there's a worker named Haniel that was always super friendly and i felt like he really tried to help us out. The place was also really clean. All in all, I would not stay again. I don't think this listing is good for long term or business or anyone with a car.”

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