Marina Del Rey

Furnished 2 Bedroom Home at Roma Ct & Spinnaker Ct

2 Bedrooms
Sleeps  7
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Since Oct 2015


Real Guests, Real Stories

  1 Reviews

  • Britney

“We had an awesome time at this cozy. The patio was a great place to hang out and relax. We were steps away from the beach and took full advantage of watching the sunset and enjoying the weather. The host made sure we got everything we needed in a timely manner. However, if there are renters upstairs, it sounds like they are wearing cement shoes. We were woken up by early birds many times stomping around upstairs. Overall we loved our stay here. ”

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ADA Compliant
ADA Compliant
Hi-Speed WiFi
Hi-Speed WiFi
Paid TV
Paid TV


Included in rent
Basic Internet

Pets allowed

Dog Friendly


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