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Furnished Studio Apartment at 6th Ave & W 28th St

Sleeps  2
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  • Phillygirl

“My son and I rented this apartment because we were taking a very intensive 4 week class 2 blocks away. The location was the most important aspect of this. No complaints there. I sure wish it had an elevator. Being on the 4th floor was really hard on me due to my age and faulty knees, but we knew that when we signed up for it. We didn't have access to a mailbox in the building, so nobody could mail us anything unless we contacted the landlord and hope we'd get the package. The electric stovetop had burners that weren't secure and tilted, but we managed to cook on them. Maybe some of them are replacements and don't fit right?? The only real major complaint, though, would be the windows. The one had an airconditioning unit in it and very, very thin insulation on either side of that. The cold air came in as though the window was open. The other window also let in as much air as an open window, but it also literally came out of the frame when we were opening or closing it several times. My son was able to grab it, realign it and close it again. We wound up taking some of the towels that had been left for us and pushing them into the sides and bottoms of the windows, along with some small loose pillows from the couch and the bottom of the curtains. This helped stop the cold air from coming in. Since I was the one sleeping on the sofa up against the window wall, this was important. YOU NEED TO CORRECT THIS BEFORE YOU RENT IT AGAIN. If you rent this place, also make sure that people know that the noise level is really high and goes on every day and night. This has nothing to do with the landlord - it is just a street where there are constant horns, sirens, trucks parking and unloading, construction going on ALL TIMES of the Day and Night. So make sure, if someone is looking for quiet - you don't recommend any apartments facing the street in this area, in this building or any other. It is a really busy area. ”

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Air Conditioning
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Hardwood Floors
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Hi-Speed WiFi
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