West Hollywood

Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment at Fountain Ave & De Longpre Ave

2 Bedrooms
Sleeps  4
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Since Aug 2015


Real Guests, Real Stories

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  • Jesse

“I and 3 of my friends stayed in LA for the College Football National Championship game. We opted to stay here rather than rent 3 hotel rooms and I must say, that was a great decision! We chose the location knowing we'll spend most of our time in Hollywood/Santa Monica. There are sports bar, Starbucks, and grocery within 3 blocks only. The price is really worth it. The only complaint from the ladies is the lack of full length mirrors. There was also no broadcast TV, not even basic cable. We hope the owners fix that issue soon, which I think they will. Lovely owners who are very helpful and attentive, they even brought us a bottle of wine. Great experience and highly recommend to those who want to enjoy Hollywood/Santa Monica.”

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Basic Internet

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