Palo Alto

Furnished 1 Bedroom Home at Ramona St & Hawthorne Ave

1 Bedroom
Sleeps  2
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  • Robinski83

“I really enjoyed staying here. The location was prime for what I needed. I personally felt the price was too high for the quality of the living space, but the landlord was willing to work on the price with me. The reason I'm not giving this place a perfect score is due to the fact that I had not received ANY move in instructions by the day I was supposed to move in. I moved in on a "stormy" Sunday, tried multiple emails and phone calls 2 days prior, up to my move in day. I had to call my HomeSuite agent on a Sunday to ask him to please contact SOMEBODY and have them call me back immediately. The person with move in instructions called me while I was driving to the place. NOT HAPPY. when I got there, the toilet had an issue where the water leaked A LOT out of the tank every time it was flushed. I called right away. It was NEVER addressed, but seemed to resolve itself. However, shortly before moving out, I went out one evening, and when I came back, the toilet had overflowed because the handle was stuck, and the bowl was not draining properly. It's an old house with old plumbing. Water was all over the floor in the apartment and bedroom closet. It ruined a personal throw rug I had brought with me. I also had to buy and replace a couple of light bulbs which I had asked to be done on move-in day, that never got done. Other than that, the place was clean, roomy, and everything else worked fine. I just wasn't happy with the responses I received, not for the price I was paying. ”

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