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Our specialists interview every Guest before bringing them to you. Before booking we complete a comprehensive background and credit check.

Rent Guarantee

We have never had an incident with our Guests paying the rent. For eligible rentals, we guarantee our Guest’s rent payments up to $50,000. Read more.

Property Guarantee

We have never had an incident with our Guests damaging property. For eligible rentals, we will cover any damage to property beyond the security deposit up to $10,000. Read more.

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Hosts in our network love us!

Annette F.

SF Holiday Rentals

I have been using 2nd Address since I first heard about their service. We've had numerous bookings with 2nd Address, and they eliminate much of the time consuming work by preparing the listings. They work with us to incorporate our rental agreement language into their agreement and they also offer free photography. I highly recommend working with 2nd Address for seamless listing, prompt payment and excellent service.
Scott S.

Cal Bay Property Management

2nd Address has helped us expand to an entirely new market. By furnishing our units and working with 2nd Address to lease them, we are increasing our cash flow with higher rents, all the while reducing our short term leasing costs and administrative time. I highly recommend 2nd Address to any landlord with furnished apartments for rent.
Kevin V.

Corporate Leasing Manager for Trinity SF

2nd Address keeps our cost down. They're doing all the leg work and we reap the benefits. I think we're pretty firm working with them for a very long time as long as we continue to grow. They're really easy to work with.

How It Works

Step 1:

Keep us updated on your property information and availability.

You can update your profile online, email us at or call us at (877) 218-4959."

Step 2:

We bring you a Guest

We qualify and vet prospective Guests, and only bring them to you when they are a great fit and ready to book.

Step 3:

We can help you manage admin

2nd Address takes care of the leasing paperwork and billing process for you! We can customize the lease if you want special terms added, and you can sign the lease directly with the Guest. We handle billing and invoicing, making sure you get paid on time.

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